흐어 | 2007.04.05 | 조회 834
You have been admitted to the Graduate College on Limited Status because of an English deficiency. You are required to take the ESL Placement Test (EPT). This test is given by the Division of English as an International Language (DEIL). The results of this exam will determine whether you will be required to enroll in English as a Second Language course(s), which may reduce the number of academic courses you will be allowed to take. 이렇게 왔네요. EPT시험이라는게 어떤 것인 줄 아는 분 있으신가요? 그리고, 저 시험 통과하기 어려운가요? 언제 보는건지도 궁금하네요.
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 여기 서울대,연고(서울),포카나오고 영국이나 호주가는분있나요?