SOP말고 Personal achievements라는거 쓰라는데 뭔말인지
처리 | 2004.12.25 | 조회 319
UCSB EE에 지원할려고 하는데 여기는 SOP를 두부 내라고 하고 SOP외에 아래와 같이 Personal achievements라는 걸 적어내라는데 당최 뭔말인지 잘 모르겠습니다..해석좀 해주세요.. 2. Personal Achievements/Contributions: Share here how you would contribute to your proposed department in at least one of the following ways: if you have been affected by a low socio-economic status, such as might be contributed to by being financially responsible for an immediate or extended family; experience of a condition impending advancement to graduate study, such as the absence of a family member who had attended college, or the financial need to be employed while attending school. Conditions could also include educational disadvantages such as; matriculation in a school or schools with poor financial or curricular support; having a physical or mental special need; unusual or varied life experiences; fluency in other languages; academic research interests focusing on cultural, societal, or educational problems as they affect educationally underserved segments of society; or evidence of an intention to use the doctoral degree toward serving underserved segments of society.

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