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이거 어떻게 푸는지좀 가르쳐주세요..

Large inequalities in wealth alwas threatens the viability of true democracy, since wealth is the basis of political power, and true democracy depends on the equal distribution of political power among all citizens.

Q) The reasoning in which one of the following arguments most closely parallels the reasoning in the argument above?

A) Cousumer culture and an emphasis on technological innovation are a dangerous combination, since together they are uncontrollable and lead to irrational excess.

B) If Sara went to the bookstroe every time her pocket was full, Sara would never have enough money to cover her living expenses, since books are her love and they are getting very expensive.

C) It is very difficult to write a successful science fiction novel that is set in the past, since historical fiction depends on historical accuracy, whereas science fiction does not.

D) Honesty is important in maintaining friendships. But sometimes honesty canlead to arguments, so it is difficult to predict the effect a particular honest act will have on friendship.

E) Repeated encroachments on one's leisure time by a demanding job interfere with the requirements of good health. The reason is that good health depends on regular moderate exercise, but adequate leisure time is essential to regular exercise.

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