[Grand Prize] 박재형
도우미 | 2019.01.16 | 조회 1014

 아래 스크립트는 발표자의 발표내용을 그대로 

표기하였으므로 구어체 표현이 포함되어있고, 

일부 문장은 문법적 오류가 포함될수 있는점 

참고 부탁드립니다.

How many of you have seen someone 

dying right next you? There are some 

critical moments in our lifetime that give 

us the strength to continue. It could be 

a traumatic experience such as natural 

disaster or an accident. Today, I would 

like to share a very personal experience 

that I endured that affected me so much 

that I can now get through any 

difficulties in my life. Beforehand, I 

would like to mention that I am so 

grateful for everything that I have today.


I try my best not to take anything for 

granted because this is now my second 

life. OK, what do I mean by second life 

here? On March 25th, 1993 I was lying 

in the hospital, almost unconscious. 

I had been bleeding from my nose for 

more than ten days. My face was as 

white as a ghost. I was eleven, and 

I remember that I saw my parents 

sobbing through the window of the 

emergency room while a group of 

doctors were telling something.


Later, I found out that I contracted 

leukemia. As you may know, leukemia 

is a type of cancer which is considered 

an incurable disease with a survival rate 

of less than 50%. I was immediately 

hospitalized after my blood test and 

bone marrow biopsy results confirmed 

my diagnosis. That was the very 

beginning of my endless treatment 

for the disease. At first, my parents 

were desperate to find blood donors 

because I severely lacked blood to 

help me not only to stop the bleeding 

but also to fight he disease. My 

parents called all of my relatives 

and their friends and they even asked 

the local newspaper reporter to write 

an article to find blood donors.


One of my cousins, who was serving 

at the military, told his commander 

about my story and many of his camp 

soldiers gladly donated their fresh 

blood. And, it is still running through 

my veins. During treatments, I often 

suffered high fevers, and I had constant 

blood tests and shots which virtually 

ruined all of the veins on my hands. 

I also experienced hair loss due to 

the strong chemotherapy. Above all, 

the most fearful treatment was bone 

marrow biopsy which was done on a 

weekly basis. And it was so dreadful 

because doctors did not put me under 

anesthesia when they were inserting 

a long and sharp needle into my spine. 

I had to bend my back, lying on a bed, 

directly feeling the needle penetrating 

into my body. A shiver ran down my 

spine and I screamed while naming all 

of the gods that I knew to help me 

escape from this agony. A couple 

patients who shared a hospital room 

with me simply passed away while 

they were fighting the same disease. 

A girl next to my bed, whose parents 

denied her blood transfusion because 

of their religious beliefs, eventually 

died. Witnessing someone right 

beside me dying was a shocking 

experience for an eleven-year-

old boy. I felt like I was losing 

a comrade in a battle and it was 

one of the most heartbreaking 

moments in my life.


However, strangely enough, 

watching someone dying somehow 

strengthened my resolve to survive. 

I suppose that I might have wanted, 

from the bottom of my heart, to 

show those blood donors that I 

successfully overcame the disease. 

So, I decided then and there to do 

my best to overcome the disease. 

I prayed every single day to God 

to help me to fight the disease. 

Miraculously, I was able to endure 

painful treatments for three years. 

My health gradually recovered 

and, finally, my will to survive 

defeated this horrible disease, 

and I was able to prove to 

myself to whom I owe my life.


Ironically, my terrible childhood 

experience at the hospital has 

become a ‘fuel’ that has helped 

me to bear through other difficult 

moments in my life. Whenever 

I had hard times growing up, 

I always reminded myself of long, 

agonizing treatments I endured. 

Without the experience of fighting 

leukemia, I would never have 

overcome other adversities 

in my life. Before I wrap up my 

presentation, I would like to 

introduce myself. I’ve been 

working as a coast guard for the 

last ten years. It is a great honor

for me to serve for the people 

I love and the fact that I can 

assist people in need is the most 

valuable and rewarding experience. 

Whenever I see people rescued 

from distress with my little help, 

I feel as if I am repaying the favor 

that I received from many 

different, unknown people 

when I was sick as a child. 

I hope to return this benevolence

to anyone in need so long as 

this blood continues to course 

through my body. Thank you.

 [Excellence Award] 하예린