[re] 11월 서브젝트 한국에선 안 치나봐요?
mg | 2005.07.22 | 조회 363
메일 받은 내용입니다. 메일에 한국이라는 말은 없지만, 신청할때 한국 선택해서 신청했는걸요......11월달 서브젝과 제너럴 스플릿 테스트 잘 계획 잡혀있다고.. 저번에 서브젝 신청하고 제너럴이 취소어쩌고 저쩌고 메일왔던 분들 참고하시기 바랍니다. Thank you for contacting the GRE Program. Regarding your inquiry: Our records indicate that you are still scheduled to take the Subject Test in November and the CBT Session of the Split test on August 19, 2005. If you need to verify the time or location of your test, please contact Prometric directly. Thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. If you have additional questions, please contact our Customer Service team at (866) 473-4373 or (609) 771-7670, or visit our Web site at www.gre.org. If you contact us via e-mail, please include all previous correspondence or a summary of information regarding your inquiry. ETS is committed to improving your customer service experience. 아래는 신청후 받은 컨펌 메일입니다. Thank you for registering online to take the GRE Subject (*******) test on November 12, 2005. You selected the following test centers: First Choice: SEOUL, KYONGGI UNIVERSITY, Korea (ROK) Second Choice: TAEGU, KEIMYUNG UNIVERSITY, Korea (ROK)
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 11월 서브젝트 한국에선 안 치나봐요?
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