GaTech 이메일 - 이거 waitlist인가요?
LEE | 2018.12.07 | 조회 481
We are in receipt of your application to the (학과이름) Engineering at Georgia Tech. You have a very strong file and credentials. Thank you for your interest in Georgia Tech!

You have not been offered admission, but at the present time your file has been made available for viewing by the faculty of the (학과) via an internal web site. If a faculty member views your file and expresses an interest in working with you, we will notify you and continue to process your application. This evaluation will continue until April 15, 2019 and we will advise you of our decision at the latest by that date
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

제가 컨택을 하나도 안했었는데.. 혹시 연구제안서랑 같이 컨택을 좀 하면 괜찮을까요?

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