USC에서 메일이 왔는데
EE지원자 | 2013.03.01 | 조회 1482
Your file indicates that we are missing the following application material:

-Official transcripts. Please submit official transcripts to the following address:

    By regular mail:
    USC Office of Admission
    University Park Campus
    Los Angeles, California 90089-0915

    By courier service, such as DHL or FedEx:
    University of Southern California
    USC Office of Admission and Financial Aid
    3601 South Flower Street, Tyler 1
    Los Angeles, CA 90089-0915

Be sure to include your USC ID with any application materials you submit. If you have previously submitted transcripts, it is likely that they have been received and are currently being processed. If you have not received notification of your application status after three weeks, please check back and include your 10-digit USC ID.

Please note that the date an application is submitted does not determine the date an admission decision will be issued. For complete fall semester applications submitted by the application deadline, admission decisions are issued at any time from January through June. After a decision has been made, your official notification will be disclosed via postal mail.


성적표를 이미 보냈는데도, 이런 메일이 왔더라구요 ;;;; 오늘 3.1일이니깐 다음주에 바로 보내면 되는거겠죠?
이메일 내용에 대해서 추가적인 해석을 할 필요없겠죠?
윗   글
 하~~ 정말 모르는거 투성이어서 ~~ 답변 해주시면 정말루 정말루 감사하겠습니다!!
 내게도 이런 날이 -낚시 아닌 낚시글이니 패스하세요.