application complete e-mail
지나가다 | 2007.01.29 | 조회 405
Your application to graduate study at Stanford University is complete and is under review by the Admissions Committee. The Committee expects to announce their admission decisions by mid April at which time we will send you an e-mail followed by a letter to the mailing address listed on your application. We appreciate that this may be a time of some suspense for you. Rest assured that your application is receiving careful attention. Thank you for your patience. 위 메일 왔는데, 그럼 토플이랑 지알이 다 리포팅 된거 맞나요??? 다른 학교 status check에는 리포팅 안됐다는 곳이 많아서요,,,, 이티에스에 전화하려던 참이었는데, 위 메일에 완료되었다는거 보면, 이티에스에서 리포팅 한거 맞겠죠???
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