Graduate Research Assistant Position at Stevens Tech
최창환 | 2006.11.01 | 조회 983

The Nano Systems Laboratories (tentatively) at the Department of Mechanical Engineering ( at the Stevens Institute of Technology ( invites applications for a graduate research assistantship position at the Masters or Doctorate level.

We are seeking motivated graduate students from a variety of disciplines including Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Physics, and other related majors to carry out research in either one of the following areas depending on his/her interest: 1) Nanofabrication, 2) Microfluidics, 3) Tissue Engineering.

If you are interested, please apply to the graduate program in ME at Stevens and indicate your desire to work with Prof. Chang-Hwan Choi. If you have additional questions, you may contact Prof. Chang-Hwan Choi at (currently at UCLA) or visit the personal homepage, Interested applicants can also send to Prof. Chang-Hwan Choi ( the copies of applications including a cover letter and a resume including education, employment, publication, relevant coursework.

For applicants’ information, Stevens Institute of Technology ( is a technological university located in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, founded in 1870. Stevens is the fourth-oldest technological university in the United States. Stevens is known for its rigorous engineering, science, and technological management curricula. One of important traits of Stevens is its interdisciplinary philosophy; Stevens has recently developed the Nanotechnology Graduate Program ( The goal of the Nanotechnology Graduate Program is to create a vibrant interdisciplinary environment that provides stimulating and cross-fertilizing educational training in nanotechnology to contribute to the Institute’s research excellence in related frontiers while preserving strong disciplinary fundamentals. The mission of the Program is to equip Stevens’ graduate students with the interdisciplinary intellectual capacity necessary to compete and excel in the ever expanding world of nanotechnology.

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