ㅠㅠ | 2010.04.02 | 조회 1025

인터뷰후 3월 초에 이런 메일을 받았었습니다.

Dear ㅠㅠ--

I am writing to provide an update on your application to the xxx graduate program. The faculty thought you had a very strong visit, but we have only a limited number of positions to offer this year. Currently, you are on the waiting list, which means that admission is dependent on funds becoming available. It is likely that we won't know about funding availability until April 1st.

I'm sorry that that we can't give you a final decision at this point. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to ask.


저는 4월1일에 연락을 준다는 말인줄알고 어제 마음을 졸이면서 기다렸건만 연락이 없네효....ㅠ

이건 4월 1일 이후에 언젠가 연락을 준다는 말이었던가요? 가능성 있을까요?ㅠㅠㅠ

웨이팅하나에 절박한 1인입니다... 조언부탁드려요ㅠ

윗   글
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