UIUC Civil Env Eng. 지원결과 질문 답장
어디 | 2010.04.02 | 조회 599

환경공학 박사과정으로 지원했고, 연락이 없어 기다리다 지쳐 담당자에 메일보냈더니, 아래와 같이 왔네요. 늬앙스상 리젝인거 같습니다.갈곳이 없는데, 다른곳 가는거 생각해보라니... 혹시 연락기다리시는 분들께 조금이나마 참고 도움이 되고자 글올립니다. 전 올해 올 100% 리젝이 될거같습니다. 다른 분들 좋은 소식 있으시기를~

Your application is on hold.

The EES committee has made their initial offers of RAs and fellowships. You were not included in this group; however, your application continues to be held in the event that a faculty member decides to make further offers of funding in the future.

If you are an international MS applicant, you may be considered at a later date for admission to a self-funded coursework-only MS program. For this, you would have to provide proof of personal funding. I will send an email as soon as I have any news about this.

If you have been offered funding by another university, I encourage you to consider it.

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 3월24일에 funding offer 수락하고...
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