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그러니까 | 2004.12.28 | 조회 291
해석이 안되는 지원자는 아예 지원하지 말라는 뜻임. >IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT EARLY ADMISSION > >1. Students applying to Harvard under the Early Action program are not permitted to apply early elsewhere under either Early Action or Early Decision programs. Harvard will rescind any offer of admission to a student who has applied early both to Harvard and to another college. (Students are allowed to apply to public institutions under non-binding rolling or Early Action programs, and may apply to colleges under Interim Decision programs informing applicants of admission after January 1. They may also apply in the fall to any institution under its Regular Action program, and to foreign colleges and universities on any application schedule.) > >2. Students admitted under an Early Decision program at another college must withdraw >any pending application to Harvard and are not eligible for admission. > >By typing my name below, I certify that the information presented in my application is accurate, complete, and honestly presented. I also certify that, to the best of my knowledge, any information submitted on my behalf, including letters of recommendation, is authentic. I understand and agree that any intentionally inaccurate information, misleading information, or omission will, if discovered at a later date, be cause for recision of any offer of admission, or for discipline, including termination of my status as a student and revocation of course credit, course grades, and degree. >SIGNATURE > >얼리지원자만 사인 하라는 건가요??
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 [re] 답변 82
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