쩡 | 2004.12.23 | 조회 407
Rutgers의 Supporting Materials의 설명이 아래와 같습니다. ( 서류들을 appropriate graduate admissions office로 보내라고 하는데, 그럼 성적표와 추천서, SOP등의 서류를 학과가 아닌 graduate admissions office로 보내라는 말인가요? (Rutgers가 캠퍼스가 세개라서 appropriate라는 표현을 쓴 것 같습니다.) 정말인지 믿을수가(?) 없어서 님들께 조언구합니다. ============아 래=================================== To complete the application process, send supporting materials (including the fee, unless paid online) to the appropriate graduate admissions office. Decisions cannot be rendered on incomplete applications. Include the following: A brief resume Financial documentation (for international applicants) (Required when admission is offered.) Three letters of recommendation Two official transcripts A personal statement (not necessary if submitted online) All required test scores (International students should send copies of test score results with other supporting credentials.)

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