visa status?
에고에고 | 2004.12.20 | 조회 147
제가 이런 email을 받았습니다... We have received your application for graduate study at XXX University. In order to process your application, we will need proof of your B-1 visa status. You can fax this to my attention at 480.965.5158. Once this has been received, we will send your file to the department for recommendation. Thank you and best of luck. 이거 제 비자 copy해서 fax로 보내주면 되는건가요? 아님 특별한 foam이 있는건가요... 제가 혹시 application하다가 실수해서 저런거 아닌지 걱정됩니다.... 아시는 분 답변좀 해주세요...

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