[re] 제가 어드미션 센터에 이멜 보낼 내용인데..좀봐주세요(fee에 관해서)
B | 2004.12.16 | 조회 225
나름대로 고쳐봤는데, 생각처럼 잘 되진 않았네요.. 도움이 되셨으면 좋겠네요.. To Whom It May Concern, Name: ID Number: As you may see on your record, I already sent an application form and official transcripts to your office last week, and I also sent my credit card information to pay the application fee on the affidavit. However, due to my low TOEFL score, I think, I'm not able to apply for your school in this academic year. Hence, I want to cancel the application process of mine. If you didn't pay the application fee with my credit card yet, please do not pay the fee with it and just discard all my application material. Once I get an adequate TOEFL score later, I'll apply for your program again. I really appreciate your help in advance Sincerely,

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 제가 어드미션 센터에 이멜 보낼 내용인데..좀봐주세요(fee에 관해서)
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