future student에게 주는 조언...박사 지원하시는분들.
고수 | 2004.12.16 | 조회 328
박사 입학을 꿈꾸는 분들은 다음 요소가 무지 중요합니다. The research exp Ph.D programs look for in general are: 1) Senior thesis in undergrad 2) Research Assistantship 3) Undergrad paper publications 4) Conference presenatations MOST, I would say 95+% of U.S students, do not have more than one of those. Research skills are important, but they realize that not every applicant would have them. Some people could have finished their undergrad without any res exp, but gained them from work exp. Also, the school you are from matters a lot in U.S application procedures. I am hoping that you are from a reputable Euro Univ KNOWN IN THE US. Admissions committees tend to treat GPA/qualfications from Univs they do not known with a ton (not grain) of salt, esp/ in Elite Univs. Ever wonder why many grad student in top schools did their undergrad in top schools?

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