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It is very easy to get admitted state university like Ucla ucsd for international student.
even easier than in state student. Don't warry too much. Your Gpa is excellent.
There are some private and public colleges who offer scholarship to international student with
Good academics. You should apply those schools first and state university as a safety

이런 글을 남기셨는데 UCLA 가 국제학생을 많이 받는다 그러시는데 이럴경우 SAT 가 필요하지 않나요?
그냥 대학교 성적으로 입학하는건가요?


Apply good state univ like psu osu Indiana uiuc Minnesota Wisconsin etc

I guess you can be admitted easily because you are international.

Avoid cc if money is not matter.UIUC PSU OSU 같은대학에 합격하려면 SAT 필요하지 않나요? APPLY 를 하라하시는데 APPLY 할떄 필요한건 무었이죠?

그리고 왜 INTERNATIONAL 한테 유리한지도 궁급합니다

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