cornell's 4 contract college : public or private?
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Q: Is Cornell affiliated with SUNY?
A: Cornell is a private institution, receiving most of its funding through tuition, research grants, and alumni contributions. Three of its seven undergraduate colleges and the graduate-level College of Veterinary Medicine are called contract or statutory colleges. These divisions receive partial funding from the state of New York to support their research and service mission in niche fields. Residents of New York enrolled in the contract colleges pay reduced tuition. Furthermore, the governor of the state serves as an ex-officio member of the board of trustees. Despite some similarities, Cornell's contract colleges are not public or state schools – they are private institutions that Cornell operates by contract with the state government.

Every college defines its own academic programs, manages its own admissions, and confers its own degrees. The degrees are all from Cornell University. New York State and SUNY have no say in any of the workings of the Cornell contract colleges. The only difference between a contract and an endowed college at Cornell is where some money comes from. A state college, on the other hand, receives nearly all its money from the government and is operated by the government.

Q: Which colleges are contract? Are they Ivy League too?
A: The contract colleges are:
* College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
* College of Human Ecology
* School of Industrial and Labor Relations
* College of Veterinary Medicine (graduate)

Yes, all of Cornell's colleges are part of the Ivy League.

Q: Is it true the suicide rate is high at Cornell?
A: Completely false. The Cornell suicide rate is below the national average for college-aged students. This rumor is probably propagated because of the many beautiful gorges on campus. It's more dramatic to say that somebody jumped off a bridge than if they killed themself some other way. The highest suicide rate belongs to another top school, though not an Ivy.

Q: Do I have better chances at one college at Cornell over another?
A: Yes, you do. Your chances are best if you apply for the major for which you are best suited. If you have work experience in local engineering firms, have won science competitions, and have taken every AP math and science at your school, your chances are lessened for the Hotel School, but you may be qualified for Engineering. The colleges each look for very different things in their applicants. They are known to reject an applicant if he seems out of place, even if he is very qualified for another college.

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