Geico 보험 ERS 옵션이 AAA를 대신할 수 있나요?
bummy | 2013.09.19 | 조회 295

GEICO 보험내 ERS 서비스에 가입하면 AAA의 Flat tire 교체나 열쇠 열어주는 것을 대체할 수 있나요?

Emergency Road Service (ERS) coverage pays for:Towing of a disabled vehicle to the nearest repair facilityUp to one hour of mechanical labor at the place of breakdownLockout service up to $100 per lockoutERS does not pay for parts or subsequent repairs and there is a limit of one reimbursement per disablement. These services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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여기에 보면 Flat tire 교체나 열쇠 여는 것은 포함 안되는거 같은데.... AAA가 40~50불 하더라구요...

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