ucla 편입생 군대문제
cc편입생 | 2017.05.10 | 조회 1872 | 50.136.xxx.xxx
ucla 편입 어드미션 받고 군대문제 때문에 고민중입니다..
제가 ucla 학기를 안듣고 바로 군대를 가려고 deferral 신청을 했는데요.
deferral request approval 이 fall 2019 's admission 을 guarantee 한다고는 하는데..
또 메일이 이렇게 왔습니다..
It is the University of California policy to have a complete current application on file for admitted applicants; therefore you need to complete the entire application for fall 2019. Your admission is provisional until you have met all the requirements of your fall 2017 contract; which includes submitting your official transcript by the July 1, 2017 deadline
워낙 쫄보라 그냥 한쿼터를 끝내고 가려고 하다가..
ucla 홈페이지에 찾아보니까
After an absence of more than one term, undergraduate students must apply for readmission.
또이렇게 나오네요.. 뭐 이러면 지금가나 한쿼터 하고가나 똑같은 건가요?
선배님들 조언 부탁드립니다..
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