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I need a help. | 2011.05.18 | 조회 1219


Lately, I have been very interested in going into LLM after all. My only question is, how competitive it really is when it comes down to an acutal admission process. I went to school in the US from junior high to the first year of college (then, I transferred to Korean university to study Law as my first degree). If I can get,

1. GPA 4.0/4.5

2. TOEFL iBT between 115-120

3. Recom. letters from profressors who did study in the US, and worked partially as a trial laywer

4. Internship work done at Seoul Supreme Court, Kim & Chang law firm, maybe California State Supreme Coure and so on.

5. Take some summer and winter session courses from NYU or UCLA in order to show them that I am not walking behind to perform studying in the US.

Any advice required?

I am pretty sure that schools will accept not only foreign law-already-practioners but also students who are fresh out of the college as a law undergraduate. Is this truly hard to get into LLM and if so how hard it might be? I called NYU admission office, but she said there is such a no updated data for an admit rate for this year's LLM program which I believe she's just plain lying. Am I just plain dreaming like a kid of the fantasy?


-Sorry for the inconvenience. The library isn't allowed me to write in Korean with this computer.

Have a great day.

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