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궁금궁금 | 2010.09.07 | 조회 1368

A recent national study of the trash discarded in several representative areas confirmed that plastics constitute a smaller proportion of all trash than paper products do, whether the trash is measured by weight or by volume. The damage that a given weight or volume of trash does to the environment is roughly the same whether the trash consists of plastics or paper products. Contrary to popular opinion, therefore, the current use of plastics actually does less harm to the environment than that of paper products.


(A) A given weight of paper product may increase in volume after manufacture and before being discarded as trash.

A가 답이 아닌 이유가 궁금합니다. Manufacture과 being discarded as trash되는 사이에 늘어나는 부피는 위에 언급된 study에서 이미 taken into consideration되어졌기 때문에 strengthen안되는건가요?

제가 처음 문제를 풀었을때는 increased volume of a given weight of paper product -> more damage to the environment by paper product라고 생각해서 A가 strengthen해준다고 생각했었거든요.

답변해주는 분, 미리 감사드립니다~

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