New Evaluation Service 추가..(LSAC Bulletin)
11 | 2010.08.16 | 조회 1521

다들 LSAC에서 메일 받으셨나요??.

Evaluation Service is a new way for law schools to learn about the skills and attributes their applicants possess. Evaluators are invited by applicants via e-mail to electronically provide ratings and comments on six noncognitive skill and attribute categories; law schools specify how many evaluations and/or letters of recommendation they wish to require or accept. The service is included as part of LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service at no extra charge to applicants. This service is being offered now for admission in 2011. To learn more about the Evaluation Service, use the links in this e-mail, or go to What’s New in your account.

중요한건지,,그닥 중요한지 않은건지...

암튼 귀찮은거 하나더 늘었네요.

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