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game 질문입니다.

1. from among eight volunteers-a,b,c,d,e,f,g, and h- a park ranger must select at least four for a search party. The park ranger's selections are bound by the following restrictions:

if A is selected, B must be selected.

if either C or D is selected, both C and D must be selected.

If E is selected, D cannot be selected.

Either E or G must be selected, but E and G cannot both be selected.

H and B cannot both be selected if G is selected

문제: G must be selected for the search paty if:

a) A is not selected

b) B is not selected

c) C is not selected

d) F is not selected

e) H is not selected

답: B

왜 그런진 이해가되지만 문제집 해설이 마음에 들지 않습니다.

해설에서는 EFH만 available하다고 하던데 왜 CD는 available하지 않는거죠??

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