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궁금궁금 | 2010.04.30 | 조회 1330

In a democratic society, when a political interest group exceeds a certain size, the diverse and sometimes conflicting economic interests that can be found in almost any large group of people tend to surface. Once these conflicting interests have surfaced, they can make it impossible for the political interest group to unite behind a common program. yet to have the political impact necessary to influence legislation, a group must be united.

The statements above, if true, most strongly support which...?

(A) Political interest groups are generally less influential when their membership is expanding than when it is numerically stable.

(D) A political interest group can become ineffective by expanding to include as wide a membership as possible.

두 초이스 사이에서 헷갈렸기 때문에 일단 나머지들은 생략했습니다. 일단 passage는 politicai interest group이 expanding함으로서 conflicting interests가 일어나고, unite under a common program하기 어려워지고, 그럼으로 political impact neccessary to influence legislation을 가지기 어렵다고 저는 대충 간추렸습니다. D같은 경우는 매우 obvious하고 당연한 common sense일지도 모르지만 political interest group이 political impact to influence legislation을 가지고 있지 않으면 ineffective하다고 assume하는 것 아닐런지요? "Can"때문에 그저 ineffective해질 가능성을 제시하는 것이기에 괜찮은 건가요? A같은 경우는 왜 답이 아닌지...혹시 numerically stable한 경우의 상황을 주어진 info만으로는 추측할 수 없기 때문인건가요?

설명 기다리겠습니다~ 미리 감사드립니다~~

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